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Progettualità ed Etica

Progetica is an independent consulting firm based in Milan, operating throughout entire Italy, with collaboration in Spain. Founded in 1994 from a group of professionals coming from financial sector, original mission was of establishing a clear relationship between companies, professionals and consumers, based on ethics and scientific consistency: company name is the joining of "Project" and "Ethics".

Current range of activities includes teaching (traditional and elearning), cultural framework and models elaboration, tools development (standalone and web) and culture diffusion. This last activity includes collaboration with main italian economic and generalist media (newspaper, website, magazines), books publishing and financial education.

Our vision is focused on entire consumer life cycle: insurance, retirement, credit and investments. In 2008 we have been involved in ISO22222:2005 (Personal Financial Planning ISO standard) national publishing process, and we're currently relator of two national technical standards (Guideline for application of UNI-ISO22222 and Guideline for selecting Personal Financial Planner).

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